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3 Layer Tea started in Sarawak, Malaysia and subsequently gained popularity in other states of Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Penang, etc. 3 Layer Tea is also known as "Teh C Peng Special" to the locals. "Teh-C-Peng-Special" can be literally translated to "Tea-Evaporated Milk-Ice-Special", which means an iced tea (top layer) with evaporated milk (middle layer) and 3-Layer-Tea-Syrup (bottom layer).

This forms a visually appealing and attractive drinks when it is served. Before drinking, the drink is stirred well using the straw or tea spoon to blend the 3 layers together. When drinking, you will find that aroma and taste of these 3 ingredients compliment and harmonize with each other extremely well. Its delicous and perfectly blended flavour profile makes you want to drink more.

This sensational drink has proven its acceptability and gained popularity very fast as it is now available in almost every local restaurant and coffe shop/ kopitiam in major cities in Malaysia.

Besides producing the authetic/ original 3-Layer-Tea-Syrup, we are also producing a few other variants/ flavors of 3-Layer-Tea-Syrup. As an innovative beverage manufacturer with over 35 years of experience, we can help you to introduce this highly potential drink to your customers.

Color: Caramel Brown


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