Hann’s Corn Syrup

Corn, also known as Maize, is a large grain plant domesticated by indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica in prehistoric times.

The leafy stalk produces ears which contain the grain, which are seeds called kernels. Maize kernels are often used in cooking as starch. The six major types of maize are dentflintpodpopcornflour, and sweet.

Besides its wide uses as food, Corn is also processed into several types of beverage. Chicha and chicha morada (purple chicha) are drinks typically made from particular types of maize. The first one is fermented and alcoholic, the second is a soft drink commonly drunk in Peru.

Hann’s Corn Syrup is blended with top quality ingredients to bring you soothing aroma and sweetness of corn. You can freely apply the syrup as ice drinks, ice cream flavors, cake flavors, and dessert pudding flavors.


Bright Cloudy Yellow


·         Ice Drinks

·         Ice Creams

·         Cake Flavors

·         Dessert Pudding Flavors

·         Ice Shave Dressings

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