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Hann’s Winter Melon Syrup

The Winter Melon is a vine grown for its very large fruit, eaten as a fruit or vegetable when mature.

It is the only member of the genus Benincasa. Native to South Asia and Southeast Asia, the winter melon is widely grown throughout Asia.

Winter melon has numerous food applications. In Chinese cuisine it is used in stir fry or usually combined with pork or pork/beef bones to make winter melon soup, often served in the scooped out melon, carved by scraping off the waxy coating. It is also chopped and candied winter melon candy to be commonly eaten at New Year festivals, or as filling for Sweetheart cake (lao po bing). It has also been used as the base filling in Chinese and Taiwanese mooncakes for the Moon Festival.

In Vietnamese cuisine, it is called bí đao, which is usually used to make soup or stew.

Winter melon is called kundolkondol, or gondol in the Philippines. It is candied (referred to plainly as kundol) and is used as a pastry filling for bakpia (hopia in the Philippines). It is also an ingredient in some savory soups (sabaw) and stir-fries (guisado). It is one of the vegetables mentioned in the Filipino folk song "Bahay Kubo."

In Indonesia and Malaysia, Winter melon is popularly known as Buah Kundur. It is widely served as cold drinks. Elsewhere in the Southeast Asia, the drink is widely marketed as winter melon tea or winter melon punch.

In Indian cuisine the vegetable is traditionally also used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. In northern India it is used to prepare a candy called Petha. In South Indian cuisine, it is traditionally used to make a variety of curries.

In general, it is used to produce a fruit drink which has a very distinctive taste. It is usually sweetened with caramelized sugar.

Hann’s Winter Melon Syrup is an aromatic blend of delicate ingredients that produces only the best of taste.

Color: Caramel Brown


·         Teas

·         Hot Drinks

·         Cold Drinks

·         Fruit punches

·         Lemonades

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